Oustalous’ path

Randonneurs devant un oustalThis path guides you accross fields to find about Oustalous, this countryside huts with tile or flagstone (lauze) roof. Some have been restored by the Patrimony Safeguard Company of Pampelonne.


The Thuriès’ discovery path

RANDONNEURS CHATEAU DE THURIES - Patrice GENIEZHow to recognise the different essences of the Viaur Valley ? A converted trail of approximately 5km leads you right at the bottom of the valley, along the river, for a pleasant walk.


The Infournats path

VALLEE VIAUR CREDIT PHOTO CDT TARN LAURENT FREZOULS 2009 (30)From the Infournats’ chapel, this hike will show you the Viaur Valley through the undergrowth’s changeable moods and through different point of view. You’ll be able to initiate yourself into the discovery of birds thanks to the observation post.

Patrimony tour

Vue d'ensemble du village médiéval de Lagarde Viaur - Montirat (Tarn)How did they live in the valley before ? What were the major events which struck the history of Lagarde Viaur, formerly fortified citadel ? This educational and recreational tour leads you at the heart of this picturesque village’s history.

Lo Camín dels Carboniers

paysans_mineurs_webExploited in a traditional way since the XIIIth Century, coal quickly became the « black gold » of Carmaux and of the Ségala’s basin. A 12km thematic tour from Sainte-Gemme village will tell you about this saga.


A walk on a miner ground

Sentier Terre d'Ombres et de Lumières

From the departmental Mine-Museum, this hiking trail show you the miners and their family’s daily life at work but also in the Homps’ city.


The Croisade Valley path


The Croisade against Albigent… Everyone knows by name this period of history… But what really happened ? What were the striking events ? The pleasant Cérou Valley was the stage of tragic facts…
You will discover this during a 5,5 km walk, punctuated by didactic panels around Salles-sur-Cérou.


The blue dragonfly’s path


Kingdom of an abundant biodiversity, the Roucarié’s  bank welcomes, in particular, many varieties of dragonfly included the blue dragonfly (Calopteryx vierge méridional), chosen as this path’s mascot. This dragonfly will escort the walker during his discovery tour.

In order not to spoil the protected area of the Roucarié,  the track marking of the observation stations is composed of wooden cones fixed to the ground. Thanks to a booklet available in the touristic reception centre of Carmaux, Monestiés and Mirandol, you will discover the richness of this path.


Land of lights and shadows

Sentier Terre d'Ombres et de LumièresFrom glass to coal, from master glassmaker to miner, there is only one step, highlighted by the route. Strolling on the mining land, the walker step was substituted to the movement of the train, full of precious ore.