Yesterday mining town, the carmausine city remains proud of this epic tale that mixed together nationalities and shaped its identity. The leading light Jaurès, the castle of the Verrerie, the “Mine’s office”, the “Centrale”, the park of the Candou, the train station and its brick walls… so many sites of memories that establish today’s incredible heritage.

Despite the coal recession, Carmaux has been able to, progressively, erase the scares of the injury and to turn towards the future: its large avenues, its flowery squares, its suburbia and restored parks, its aquatic center “l’Odysée”, its new cinema complex in the heart of the city… show its willingness to offer its inhabitants and its visitors a pleasant living environment, attractive recreational areas and equipment.


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The industrial saga

Relive the industrial epic of the Carmausin basin of the peasants minors at the « Découverte » through the glass factory of Carmaux.
Musee-mine départemental - Cagnac les mines
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Jaurès’ Land

Deputy of Carmaux, it is also necessary the defender of the workers and in particular miners of the carmausin basin.

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