Ségala trail

The Sentier du Ségala offers a stage of approximately 44 kilometers from Ambialet-Saint-Cirgue to Pampelonne, in the heart of a landscape shaped by agriculture.
About halfway through, don’t miss the viewpoint of Puy Saint-Georges and Castelnau-de-Levis. You will cross the Maux bridge, a bridge located on the very old road to Rodez.


The Gorges du Viaur GRP trail

This footpath takes you into one of the wildest parts of the Viaur Valley between Tanus and Saint-Martin-Laguépie.

On your travels you’ll see the treasures that glitter on the craggy slopes: relics of villages and castles, Romanesque chapels and more. 


The Tour of Ségala

This week-long trek introduces you to the contrasting scenery in Carmausin-Ségala as you hike the GR36 and Gorges du Viaur GRP trails.