Notre Dame de la Gardelle

Notre Dame de la Gardelle’s Church was built between the XIVth and the XVth centuries in a gothic-meridional style. Sheltered in a Cemetery of Villeneuve-sur-Vère, its main attraction is to be found in its mural frescoes painted by Nicolaï Greschny.

Inside, in 1947 the vicar of the parish asked Nicolaï Greschny to entirely decorate the chapel. The different scenes painted present Mary’s life stages (Annunciation, Visitation, at the foot of the cross…). Other concern the passage from this life to the Eternal one: Joseph’s death, Mary’s dormition, Last Judgement scene, parable of the rich and poor Lazare… All painted in an original neo-byzantine style.


Notre-Dame de la Gardelle

81130 Villeneuve-sur-Vère

You can get the keys at Villeneuve-sur-Vère’s town hall.

Opening: Tuesday from 8am to 12pm, Thursday from 8am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm, Friday from 8am to 12pm.

Town hall of Villeneuve-sur-Vère : +33(0)5 63 56 82 00

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