Thuriès castle and the Viaur tour

Château de Thuriès - Pampelonne (Tarn) © CDPR 81Between the Ségala’s plateau and the Viaur valley’s meanderings, you’ll proceed between land and water. This hike will offer wonderful views on the valley. Careful, in case of rains or floods, it is better not to go on this tour (tricky passage on the Viaur bank and at stone level).


Departure point : Foirail’s square – Pampelonne

Travelled distance : 7 km

Tour time : 2 h

Minimum altitude : 250 m – Maximum altitude : 425 m

Tour difficulty : medium

Track marking : follow the panels « Circuit du Château de Thuriès et du Viaur » (Thuriès castle and the Viaur tour)

Dowload the tour detailed sheet

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