Titan’s Park : If I was narrated the Discovery…

Parc des Titans à Cap'Découverte © 3CS

The Mixed Syndicate for the Discovery Planning (SMAD) and the Association for the Safeguard of Carmaux Cagnac Industrial Patrimony (ASPICC) welcome you on the traces of coal…

« If I was narrated the Discovery » brings to light the site’s history. From the extraction in galleries to its conversion after closing down in 1997, the miners testify and accompany you all along the tour, punctuated with anecdotes…in the heart of Occitania’s emblematic mineral field.


Pass’mine (Departmental Mine Museum + If I was narrated the Discovery) : 8 €


Opening period : all year round (by reservation – 10 persons minimum)

Duration of the visit : 2 hours (film + explanations)



Cap’Découverte 81400 Carmaux

Tel : +33(0)5 63 80 29 06

Email : contact@capdecouverte.com

Website : www.smad-capdecouverte.com

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