Cérou’s park – Carmaux

The Cérou’s park was built by the municipality in the 30s, during an embellishment period in the city. It is an appreciated place on the banks near the ancient mining city.


Jean Jaurès Park

Initially called “Parc de la Sérinié”, it was created in the 30s. In 1935, then in 1937, a bust of Jean Jaurès and a war memorial are inaugurated to finalise the new heart and soul of the 3,6h-city. Its restoration was completed recently and the war memorial was classified “historical monument”.


Candou Park

Created by the mine Society in the 30s, Candou Park was restored in 2005. A lot of summer fêtes take place in this living and relaxing place (festivals, boules…). This green heart and soul of a bit less than 3ha has remarkable trees to see (centenarian plane trees).


The glassware domain

The glassware domain receives you for a picnic or a snack on the grass, in the shade of huge trees. On the edge of the stream, a beautiful bridge beautifies this verdant space where you can find glassware’s site.


Cantoperlic’s garden

Fleurs dans le Jardin de Cantoperlic

Located in the heart of Pampelonne, the small garden is a haven of peace. Colourful, rich in surprises, bursting with flowers, bees and birds…

Spots to sit down and to enjoy the garden are many, and during open days, it is also possible to enjoy a nice mint tea or coffee with delicious english cup-cakes or gorgeous roman cakes.