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From the mines to Art, each museum leads you into different universes takes you into different worlds. And yet, they bring you back to the Ségala’s history.

Musee-mine départemental - Cagnac les mines

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Sites and monuments

Towns, villages, castles and churches: that is all you can discover in the Ségala.

Le village du Monestiés - vue d'ensemble

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Parks and gardens

Enjoy a bucolic moment of relaxation in one of our park or garden / in one of the parks and gardens of the territory.

Dame Ysalaïs dans le Courtil de Rocfeuilh

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Churches decorated by Nicolaï Greschny

Fresco painter in the byzantine tradition, Nicolaï Greschny decorated some Churches of the Ségala.

Eglise de Rosières décorée par Greschny

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Small patrimony

The Ségala is rich of a small heritage, witness of yesteryears lifestyle: fountains, wash houses, bridges…

Pigeonnier dans un champ

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