La Cabano

La Grange et l'EtableLa Cabano, reconstructed village of the first half of the XXth century brings back to life trades of the past. Thanks to scenes from everyday life, it allows the visitor to recollect his roots, his culture… Memories and emotions suddenly reappear…

That 5000m2 space offers a promenade at the heart of our history. With the reconstitution of the past of a village, you will certainly feel emotions and revive memories. School, pub, hairdresser, bakery, food of olden times, bedroom, cellar, shoemaker and wheelwright. To see in this space: trades of the past (lacemaker, wood and rock sculptor, potter, clog maker, cobbler, basket maker, etc.) old equipment (tractor, combine harvester from French Society, Auston, Fordson…, threshing (1920’s thresher), car and motorcycles from 1910 to 1960, and a farmer from Aveyron.


Groups :all year by reservation

Individual :

Time : between 20 and 30 min


Association Foire expo du Ségala

Place du Ségala 81190 Tanus

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