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Pampelonne, dating from the Middle Ages, has been for a long time a big agricultural market town where five annual fairs used to take place. Eustache de Beaumarchais, Seneschal of Toulouse, made of it a royal fortified town during the XIIIth century. Its name reminds the one of Pampelune in Spanish Navarre where Beaumarchais was governor.


From this ancestral period, the square, peculiar to bastides, and a corner tower remain. As houses have lost their arches and ditches, surrounding the square, have been sealed in the 50th.


Nowadays, Pampelonne welcomes a Jean Jaurès’ area, dedicated to the great orator. This lively area is composed of pictures, works written by Jaurès, on Jaurès (bequeathed by one of Auguste Canac’s descendant, friend and fellow traveller of Jean Jaurès at the municipality) and of a recorded soundtrack made of reading texts written by Jaurès himself, political figures, artists…

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