The Lauretié and the Ouradou path

VALLEE VIAUR CREDIT PHOTO CDT TARN LAURENT FREZOULS 2009 (30)Perched on its rocky ridge dominating the Viaur valley, Jouqueviel village, from the Occitan « joc », perch, and « veilh », old, has a suitable name. Its castle’s ruins remain testimonies of the feudal life, having bravely resisted to the ravages of time and to assaults during English or Religious wars. During the Second World War, the Viaur valley became a place of resistance. In 1944, the 6th of August, the Nazis attacked the village which was partly plundered and burnt, made 29 victims, both from resistants and civils.


Departure point : Town hall’s square – Jouqueviel

Travelled distance : 12 km

Tour time : 3 h 30

Minimul altitude : 335 m – Maximum altitude : 528 m

Tour difficulty : medium

Track marking : follow the panels « Circuit de Lauretié et de l’Ouradou » (The Lauretié and the Ouradou tour)


Download the tour detailed sheet

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