Thuriès’ castle

CHATEAU DE THURIES - Club Seyssois Ski Montagne

The Viaur is a real border. You understand why in the scenic beauty of its gorges, close to Pampelonne, stands, austere and majestic, the keep of Thuriès’ castle.

It’s certainly at the time of feudalism that the castle of Thuriès saw the light of day. A village would too have been built in the XIIIth century. Sadly, these days, we see no more vestiges of it.

During the One Hundred years War, in 1380, the castle was taken by surprise by Englishmen. Consuls of Albi didn’t manage to drive them out, it was only five years later that they evacuated the place after robbing regularly the region. After this date, the life in the castle became a mystery…but the list of castellans indicates that the castle was still inhabited at the XVth and XVIth centuries. It would have been dismantled on the order of Richelieu who did the same for all the fortresses in the province.

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