USC VOILE – La Roucarié

La Roucarié lake is located in the heart of the Ségala Tarnais. Since 1961, the Sportive Union of Carmaux (french: USC) undertakes its activity on the dam of the Roucarié, in Monestiés. This 64-hectares lake allows people to practice sailing in every shape and form. Optimists, lasers and paddle; so many activities to discover.

But the USC is also a sailing school where you can find lessons, training courses, initiation lessons, lessons to improve, tournaments and training programs for future sailing instructors. Many instructors work in the club to bring quality education. Graduated educators and instructors work in the club to provide quality teaching. It also provides a window on sailing as a leisure activity.


From march to november

Every saturdays et sundays from 9 am to 7pm.


USC Voile

Canitrot 81640 Monestiés

Tel : +33(0)5 63 36 71 14

Mail :

Website :

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